One of our dreams: “The First Expedition as the ‘Mountain Women of the World Network’ to Mount Aconcagua (6962m)” 4th to 21st, February 2023

We aim to have our first expedition as the Mountain Women of the World network in the Mount Aconcagua (6962m) in Mendoza, Argentina, one of the Seven Summits and the highest mountain in America. We are mountain women from Chile, Argentina, Italia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, and Bolivia. The expedition will consist, first, of a trek to Plaza de Mulas and, second, of the opportunity for a smaller group to continue to the Aconcagua summit through the normal route.

Our goal is to build a Mountain Women's Collective that showcases how mountaineering can strengthen economic justice for mountain women. Moreover, we want to foreground the collective knowledge and experiences that mountain women create and use to protect mountains, nature, and society. It is our dream to bring together women mountain workers on Aconcagua, as a means of cultural exchange, empowerment and a platform for visibility of 1) cultural diversity, 2) the challenges of being women in their places of origin, and 3) the environmental impact on our mountains. It will be a platform for learning exchanges.

We believe that mountaineering is a collaborative experience that builds collective power and solidarity. Through this expedition, we want to encourage more women to become involved with mountains, promoting mountaineering as a tool for collective care, to build humility, resilience, connection, empathy, and reciprocity.

This expedition will allow us to gather mountain women, such as women guides, porters, mountain workers, and hikers from different backgrounds and countries, including women who are working in heavily patriarchal environments where men generally carry out these activities. We want to emphasize the importance of working together, of supporting and collaborating among different formal and non-formal collectives. Together, we are undoubtedly stronger. We are an instrument to create real changes in the mountain communities where we work.

Climate justice and gender justice are deeply interconnected and we can't have one without the other. Mountain women from all over the world are collectively leading this awareness by raising campaigns with the expedition. Not only are our water sources, including our glaciers, aquifers, rivers, streams, and high-mountain wetlands (vegas or bofedales) being impacted negatively, but also the entire ecosystem that makes up mountainous regions, such as flora, fauna, and human livelihoods and culture.

Mountains do not exist in isolation, but rather within social and environmental networks of human and non human relations, including history.

Together, we propose making the entirety of these impacts visible, creating awareness and working to generate change from an international platform. Given the global scale of climate change, what occurs in a place like Aconcagua is certainly similar to what is occurring in other mountainous area across the world. We intend to shed light on these local impacts by connecting our international experiences through an expedition to Aconcagua, creating a platform to speak about similarities and differences regarding issues arising from climate change. Moreover, this international platform will visibilize the current climate change impacts in Aconcagua.

Here some of the members and organizations involved:

  1. Muna Gurung from Empowering Women of Nepal.

  2. Ekeney Njau from Kilimanjaro Women, Tanzania.

  3. Sonia Altamirano from Asociación de Guías de Montaña y Trekking de Bolivia.

  4. Julia Quispe from Cholitas Escaladoras Bolivia Climbing.

  5. Cecilia Llusco from Cholitas Escaladoras de Bolivia Warmis.

  6. Patricia Breuer Moreno from Mujeres a la Cumbre Argentina and Chile.

  7. Stephanie Carmody from Mujeres a la Cumbre Chile.

  8. Sofía Lana from Argentina.

  9. Karen Martinez pastora, Jujuy-Salta, Argentina.

  10. Julieta Balza from Salta, Argentina.

  11. Alessandra Segantin from Feminist Hiking Collective, Italy.

  12. Maria Fajardo from Chile

  13. Soledad Figueroa from Argentina


Muna Gurung,Nepal

Ekeney Njau,Tanzania

Sonia Altamirano,Bolivia

Alessandra Segantin, Italy

Sofia Lana, Argentina & USA

Pato Breuer, Argentina y Chile

Stephanie Carmody

Julia Quispe

Cecilia Llusco

Karen Martinez

Julieta Balza

Maria Fajardo

Soledad Figueroa

With your little donation you can help us to leverage the voice and shed light on these local impacts!

The investment to cover one of our members’ cost on this expedition is USD 4270 (*)

* (This amount is only the cost of the Expedition in the mountain itself. It does not include the flight tickets from each country to Mendoza, Argentina).

(NOTE: if your donation is specifically for one of our members, please state it on the comments section in order to separate that amount for that specific person. Thanks again!).

For further information, please contact Pato Breuer at